Nagardo® natural beverage protection earns registration in Australia and New Zealand

  • Proven technology from LANXESS first launched in U.S.
  • Non-synthetic alternative to conventional preservatives
  • Highly effective against beverage-spoiling organisms


Pittsburgh, Pa. – May 3, 2021– Beverage manufacturers can now produce naturally preserved beverages for the Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) market with Nagardo natural beverage protection from specialty chemicals company LANXESS.

Nagardo is produced from the edible wild-type mushroom Sweet Osmanthus Ear and produced in a natural fermentation process. “Consumers may have to get used to a new name on the ingredient list,” says Monika Ebener, Global Marketing Director Natural Antimicrobials in the Beverage Technology business line of LANXESS. “But perhaps Nagardo will even lead to the paradigm shift that going fully natural and preserving the product quality can go hand in hand.”


Nagardo is very effective at maintaining the quality of a beverage. It shows strong efficacy against a broad range of beverage-spoiling organisms such as yeasts, molds and bacteria. Additionally, Nagardo can eliminate organisms that have adapted to commonly-used preservatives without impacting the sensory profile of the beverage. It can be used in a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks such as carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas and many more.


The innovative natural microbial control agent was first launched in the U.S. in 2019. Now it has been evaluated and approved as a preservative for use in non-alcoholic beverages by Food Standard Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). The registration opens opportunities for beverage innovations in the ANZ region and meets the current trend towards cleaner labels as consumers are becoming more and more aware of ingredient labels and steering away from chemical additives wherever possible.


“From our growing customer base in the U.S. we receive incredible feedback. Nagardo has enabled them to launch fully natural beverages that are shelf-stable without the need for artificial additives, energy-consuming hot-fill processes or chilled chain logistics. Thus, we are very happy to expand our footprint to the Australian and New Zealand market where consumers are equally conscious about their purchase decisions,” explains Ebener. “We see Nagardo as a highly requested additional tool in the toolbox of beverage manufacturers and with the new approval in Australia and New Zealand, we continue our global rollout and are looking forward to launching Nagardo in even more countries.” 


LANXESS plans to officially launch Nagardo in Australia and New Zealand mid-2021.


For more information about Nagardo and local contacts, visit www.nagardo.com.



Nagardo® is an innovative natural microbial control agent effective in a wide range of non-alcoholic drinks such as carbonated soft drinks, juices, teas and many more. Image: LANXESS AG.


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